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About Us

Our Passion.

We’re lucky to live really full lives - but when it comes time to shop for a stylish, well curated wardrobe - it can be a real challenge. With so many things to consider: style and fit, fabrication and craftsmanship - it’s bound to overwhelm.

Our passion for good design along with our desire to simplify our own wardrobes is precisely what inspired us to launch the Amy Kuschel ready-to-wear collection. We want a wardrobe that’s easy to navigate, playful and optimistic, with effortless style and a spirit of dressing to delight. So whether you’re shopping for an elegant and charming wedding wardrobe or curating your closet with iconic and stylish looks, we’re here to help.

We’re also pretty keen on the notion that dressing well is more than just looking good. It’s about how we’re feeling, too. We have an opportunity each day to dress to delight, inspiring optimism in the way we present ourselves to the world. When we dress well, we’re more confident, charming, and optimistic, adding beauty to each moment along the way.


With all this in mind, our ready to wear line-up is based on what works for us, and in turn, what works for you. We hope you’ll think of us as your personal wardrobe gurus, here to simplify, inspire, and guide you toward pieces you LOVE, infused with iconic style and approachable charm. Our minimalist looks are mid-century inspired using gorgeous, high quality textiles. Each piece is thoughtfully curated for a collection that works for you from day to dinner, to wine country weekends as well as your special celebrations.

Each and every Amy Kuschel garment is made in San Francisco by talented, local seamstresses at our in-house studio or in neighboring workshops. Designing and pattern-making, cutting, sewing, draping, and's all done right here.  And with 17 years of experience dressing brides the world over, you might say we’re a bit obsessed with fit and quality. Our talented team is like a family, pouring a lot of love into each design to create beautiful, well made clothes. There's a soul to this business of American craftsmanship - and we hope you can feel it when you wear our designs. Dressing to delight not only inspires optimism in you and your admirers, but also in the working community that you support when you buy an Amy Kuschel piece.


We’re so grateful for all of our clients, and we’re excited to help you in your search for iconic style.  Do come visit us in our San Francisco Union Square flagship. You'll love our light filled, loft-like showroom and we'll enjoy giving you a personalized, customer service experience. Call ahead for a one-on-one consultation, expert advice from our stylists, or just drop-in to view the collections and see our production space.