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Teresa Vincent

Teresa Vincent

Retail Accounts Manager

Where were you born?

I am a Midwestern girl from Indiana.

What is your favorite gown?

The elegant Margaret Ann.

What do you love most about San Francisco?

The architecture, the smell of salt in the air, the faint screech of a seagull at dusk and most of all, the twinkling of the city's lights at night.

Favorite Thank You or Praise from a bride?

My mother taught me the value of a well written thank you note and the impact it can have on another human being. Many brides share their wedding day experience with me through pen. It is always touching to receive kind words from a bride. It reminds me that what we're doing here at Amy Kuschel is impactful.

Favorite part of working with brides?

Every woman, every bride is different. I get to come to work at a  place where a bride opens up and tells me her vision of herself or, if I am fortunate, we discover that together. A wedding gown is more than just fabric and princess seams, it is a direct reflection of how a bride sees herself. It has character and life to it.