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Our Story

Our Story.

Amy Kuschel graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan in 1989. She started her career as a professional designer working for a New York City based ready-to-wear company as their design director. After 6 years of designing in New York, Amy moved to San Francisco with her future husband, Bill Brugger. She continued designing, creating high-end special occasion dresses for a bay area business.

In 1996, Bill and Amy were engaged. As a bride to be, Amy experienced the arduous task of trying to find the perfect wedding gown. She had straightforward needs ~ she wanted to look elegant and modern without spending a fortune. What she inevitably discovered was that she could opt to spend a reasonable amount for something mediocre, or spend an outrageous amount for something fabulous. Neither alternative won her favor. As an experienced fashion designer, Amy chose to create her own wedding gown. A few years later, business plan in hand, Amy & Bill launched the Amy Kuschel collection.