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I have a Pre-Fit appointment. What do I need to know before I go?

There is less bridal stress when you come prepared for your Pre-Fit appointment!  Here are the key ingredients:

1.Bring your SHOES.  You'll have an opportunity to review your shoes (please, 2 - 3 pairs at most) and decide which pair makes the wedding day cut.  Be ready to commit, as we need to measure your heel height for your custom made-to-measure gown.  Sorry, we don't offer shoes for purchase.  

2. Choose your UNDERGARMENTS.  We'll work together to select your final undergarments, considering your body type along with your gown selection.  We carry a nice assortment of undergarments that work well with our gowns and for most body types, including strapless bras, adhesive and non-adhesive cups,  bustiers, shapers, and undies.  If you have a hard to find size or have had difficulty in the past finding something that fits you well, we recommend that you bring your own undergarment options to compare with ours.  Once your undergarments are selected, we'll take your official measurements while you're wearing these actual pieces.  

3. Take your MEASUREMENTS.  Your actual wedding gown will be made based on the measurements taken at your Pre-Fit appointment. It's key that your shoes and undergarments are consistent throughout your fitting process, as well as maintaining a consistent weight from this point forward.  Please bring your new wedding day shoes and undergarments to each and every fitting.

4. Style me PRETTY.  You'll have the opportunity to revisit our sample gown and select accessories for your big day.  We have a hand picked assortment of elegant jewelry and ethereal veils that compliment our wedding gown collection.  Fancy a cage veil and vintage earrings? Whatever your style, from Sara Gabriel to Elizabeth Cole, we'll help you fashion your wedding day presentation. Enjoy 10% off all accessories purchased at your pre-fit appointment.