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I'm afraid to wear a strapless gown; I don't want to be pulling my dress up all day. Any suggestions?

A strapless gown slips for a number of reasons, but the most common problems come with improper fit and unnecessary fussing.  If your gown is fit properly to your figure and you're comfortable wearing a strapless style, you will likely have nothing to fuss about.

A gown that is too big through the waistline will fall to the hips creating an uncomfortable shift that prompts a bride to pull her gown into a higher position. Our goal with our custom made to measure process is to be certain that each strapless gown is properly fitted, especially through the waistline, to ensure that it stays in place.  

It's critical that a bride maintains her weight, to the best of her ability, as her wedding day approaches.  Multi-tasking mixed with pre-weddding jitters can shed unnecessary pounds.  If you've lost weight after bringing your gown home, it might be beneficial to try and squeeze in one more alteration, even if it means an additional alteration fee.

Proper undergarments are also important, especially for full busted brides needing more support through the bodice.

Many brides are not accustomed to wearing strapless gowns and often find themselves tempted to pull on their wedding dress even if it isn't actually slipping. For these brides, alterations specialists may be able to add straps to a strapless gown.  But keep this in helps to trust the natural placement of the fit of your gown; this is where it wants to sit once you're all zipped in.  Every bride's shape is different and each gown will sit in a slightly different place.  We often find that brides who are not accustomed to wearing a structured strapless dress find themselves pulling their gown up to a more modest location.  The slipping occurs when this position is higher than where the gown is fitted to.  A bride will pull it up, but the gown will eventually go back to it's resting point, so the bride pulls again.  Getting comfortable in a strapless gown and trusting that it will slip into position, but not fall further is key to looking graceful and elegant.  

If all of this is stressing you out, perhaps a strapless gown is not the right choice for you.  Trust your instincts and pick a dress that makes you feel beautiful and confident.