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Frequently Asked Questions


We welcome brides to visit our salon without an appointment to browse our collection.

However, in order to ensure that each of our guests is given proper attention and customer service, an appointment for a consultation with one of our stylists is required in order try on gowns.

If you do decide to come and browse, please keep in mind that our schedule is by appointment and calling ahead (415.956.5657) will ensure that the salon is open. 


We think it's important for brides to capture images of their favorite dresses for comparison.

We are open for wedding gown consultations Tuesday - Saturday.   We are closed on Sunday and Monday.  Because our schedule changes occasionally, it is best to give us a call at 415.956.5657 for up to date scheduling information.  You can find the details of a typical weekly schedule here.

Appointments at the Amy Kuschel San Francisco showroom typically last one hour.

Our in-house production team allows us great flexibiltiy with rush orders. A salon visit is imperative to review styles of interest and explore fabric and schedule availability as well as rush fees. We will try to accomodate your rush order, however rush fees (10% - 25%) may apply depending on the timing of your order, our current production schedule, and fabric availability.

With a wedding date less than 4 months away, our Ready To Wed collection and sample sale dresses are a wonderful way to shop our signature style and quality without the conventionality of placing a gown order! The Ready To Wed line ranges from $1300-3000, plus Little White Dresses from $500-700. We also have a selection of sample sale dresses available to purchase off-the-rack, and retail from $700-1000. 

We recommend that a bride orders her wedding gown 6-12 months prior to her wedding date. Our workroom requires a 4-month lead time to make a wedding gown without incurring any rush fees, but brides must consider allowing ample time for alterations. Brides who order early will have more flexibility and opportunities in scheduling fittings with our recommended alterations specialists. Ideally, give yourself plenty of time to plan all of the creative details of your wedding.

If you're working with a shorter timeframe, no worries! We can usually accommodate rush orders, depending on your specific needs. Gown orders placed with less than 4 months of production time typically incur rush fees.

You can also shop our signature style and quality without the conventionality of placing a custom gown order with our Ready To Wed collection and sample sale dresses. These styles are ready to go home with you. The Ready To Wed line ranges from $1300-3000, plus Little White Dresses from $500-700. We also have a selection of sample sale dresses available to purchase off-the-rack and retail from $700-1000.


While Amy Kuschel gowns are made in our San Francisco design studio, located on the floor above our flagship salon at 23 Grant Avenue in the Union Square district, some of our Ready To Wed styles and Little White Dresses are made locally in San Francisco.

We know that many of our competitors make their gowns overseas.  While there is a tremendous cost savings with outsourcing production, we think it's smarter to make our gowns right here in San Francisco. Our team of designers, pattern makers, cutters and seamstresses are all located on the premises.  It's beneficial to our brides and also eco-friendly.  The nature of our custom couture process produces less waste and builds better fitting gowns. 

We enjoy a very hands-on approach with every gown we make.  Rest assured, your gown will be well made and full of style!

Made in America.  It's an old fashioned concept, but we think it's clever! 

It's our goal to find textiles that are beautiful, luxurious to the touch, and of the highest quality.  

We craft our collection with a diversity of silhouettes and textiles, allowing each bride to choose her level of luxury. From silk or synthetic crepe to French, Spanish or American lace...we know a woman appreciates the right to choose. No matter her choice, each gown is well made and full of style. 

While we do not host sample sale events, a selection of sample sale gowns are available to purchase in our San Francisco showroom. These styles include runway samples, retired gowns, and some current collection designs. These wedding dresses are in great condition and the price is just right, too! The price point ranges from $600-1000.

You can also shop our signature style and quality, without the fuss of ordering a gown, with our Ready To Wed collection. This off-the-rack line-up features original designs, one-of-a-kind gowns, and current looks from the Amy Kuschel collection ranging from $1300-3000. Our Jackie and Kitten styles retail from $500-700 - little white dresses perfect for all your bridal events. It's au courant and ever-changing...if you find the one, she's READY TO WED!

Most gowns within our collection are available in 2 different sizes for trying on, typically a size 6 and a 10/12.

During your appointment, we will do our best to temporarily alter the fit of each gown by clipping, adjusting, or extending to suggest the appropriate fit that you can expect once a gown is altered for you. 

Find a list of our favorite, trusted Bay Area alterations specialists here.

Most gowns within the Amy Kuschel Bride collection are offered in a shade of white and ivory. Each silk fabrication has its own subtle version ranging from soft white to antique white, pale candlelight hues of ivory to true ivory and deep ivory. Reflection also plays a part in color; shinier fabrics may seem lighter in color due to the 'light' radiating from the weave whereas matte finish fabrications highlight the true shade.

We do have a selection of gowns available in Petal Pink, champagne, or gold. Not sure if a style is offered in one of these shades? Please find the information located in "The Details" portion on each gown's description page.

You may also consider adding an accent of color with or various sashes.

All brides will receive a care card with their finished gown with details about gown handling and pressing. Please review our recommended vendors for professional dry cleaning options

We offer several shopping options to brides who visit our San Francisco flagship. Brides have the opportunity to shop the full Amy Kuschel collection as well as our Ready To Wed and sample sale gowns. 

All Amy Kuschel gowns are designed and produced in our design studio, located above our San Francisco flagship salon. The complete collection ranges from $2000 and $4600.

Our Ready To Wed collection is an off-the-rack line-up featuring original designs, one-of-a-kind gowns, and current looks from the Amy Kuschel collection. These gowns are priced from $1300-3000, with Little White Dresses retailing between $500 and $700.

We also have a selection of sample sale gowns available in our San Francisco showroom. These styles include retired gowns, runway samples, and some current collection designs. The sample gowns are in great condition with prices ranging from $600 to $1000. 

While we do not offer custom designed wedding gowns for individual clients, we have achieved great success with slight design modifications to styles within our couture collection. When you visit our salon, one of our stylists will work closely with you to find an Amy Kuschel design that best fits you and your wedding day. Customized detailing may be available with select styles.

We will collect a deposit for half of your pre-tax order total when you order your Amy Kuschel gown. Payments can be made by check, debit card, or credit card; we accept American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.

The remaining balance of your gown, including applicable taxes, is due at your pre-fit/pick up appointment.


A strapless gown slips for a number of reasons, but the most common problems come with improper fit and unnecessary fussing.  If your gown is fit properly to your figure and you're comfortable wearing a strapless style, you will likely have nothing to fuss about.

A gown that is too big through the waistline will fall to the hips creating an uncomfortable shift that prompts a bride to pull her gown into a higher position. Our goal with our custom made to measure process is to be certain that each strapless gown is properly fitted, especially through the waistline, to ensure that it stays in place.  

It's critical that a bride maintains her weight, to the best of her ability, as her wedding day approaches.  Multi-tasking mixed with pre-weddding jitters can shed unnecessary pounds.  If you've lost weight after bringing your gown home, it might be beneficial to try and squeeze in one more alteration, even if it means an additional alteration fee.

Proper undergarments are also important, especially for full busted brides needing more support through the bodice.

Many brides are not accustomed to wearing strapless gowns and often find themselves tempted to pull on their wedding dress even if it isn't actually slipping. For these brides, alterations specialists may be able to add straps to a strapless gown.  But keep this in helps to trust the natural placement of the fit of your gown; this is where it wants to sit once you're all zipped in.  Every bride's shape is different and each gown will sit in a slightly different place.  We often find that brides who are not accustomed to wearing a structured strapless dress find themselves pulling their gown up to a more modest location.  The slipping occurs when this position is higher than where the gown is fitted to.  A bride will pull it up, but the gown will eventually go back to it's resting point, so the bride pulls again.  Getting comfortable in a strapless gown and trusting that it will slip into position, but not fall further is key to looking graceful and elegant.  

If all of this is stressing you out, perhaps a strapless gown is not the right choice for you.  Trust your instincts and pick a dress that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

We will try to accommodate maternity orders for brides who are no more than 4 months along in their pregnancy at the time of their wedding. Our collection does not include a maternity collection, which means our gowns are not structured with the flexibility that a pregnancy requires. If you will be more than 4 months pregnant at your wedding date, we suggest shopping with a company who specializes in maternity wear.

Brides who will be 4 months pregnant (or less) at the time of their wedding should choose a gown in our collection that is more forgiving, less fitted, with a roomy skirt. We strongly recommend calling our list of trusted Bay Area alterations specialists to discuss your options, too!

Selecting the perfect wedding gown is uniquely individual to each bride.

It is often helpful to get advice and input from close friends and family, but the ultimate decision is for you, the bride.  Take some time to envision yourself on your wedding day. Think about how you want to feel that day and the specific look that you want to capture.

A handful of key buzz words can be very inspirational and help you focus your thoughts.  Are you looking for something "sassy and modern" or "vintage inspired", or maybe you're the "preppy" type looking for "classic and traditional with a modern vibe". Don't be afraid to make it your own!  

Your wedding location will also weigh into your decision. A romantic, ethereal wedding dress is ideal for a beach setting while a dramatic and regal bridal gown is perfect for a formal cathedral event.

Our consultants are eager to hear your story and help you navigate through the different looks in our collection.  We want to make your experience relaxing and enjoyable.  

Ultimately, it's your day... follow your heart.


We're tickled to announce that as of July 1, 2015, we are officially collaborating with our favorite Bay Area alterations specialists! These trusted professionals possess the skills and expertise to assist you through your alterations process - they are experts at tailoring bridal gowns, AND, they LOVE what they do!

Please find our list of recommended alterations specialists here.

We suggest that you make a few calls {right away} to see who is available...these talented ladies book up quickly, so do call ahead to set up your initial consultation for an estimate.

Alterations expenses will vary depending on what needs to be done to your dress. Many brides spend between $400 and $600 for professional tailoring which is usually accomplished in 3 to 4 fittings.

Be prepared to discuss your needs and wants with your fitter when you go for an initial consultation. Be clear about your timeline and any specific alterations that you would like to have done.

If you’re planning on losing weight, be sure to communicate this so that fitting dates can be set up accordingly. You might also want to ask if there is a fee for an initial consultation.

Your gown pick up appointment is your first opportunity to try on your actual wedding gown! Keep in mind, wedding gowns typically need to be altered in some way, whether it’s a simple hemline adjustment or a bit more tweaking, to achieve an ideal fit.

Complete your look during this time with our hand picked assortment of elegant jewelry and ethereal veils that compliment our wedding gown collection.  Fancy a cage veil and vintage earrings? Whatever your style, from Jannie Baltzer to Haute Bride, we'll help you fashion your wedding day presentation. Enjoy 10% off all accessories purchased at your pick up appointment.

You're also welcome to bring your shoes, but please, 2 - 3 pairs at most. You'll want to decide which pair makes the wedding day cut before you head to your first fitting.

Don't forget your undergarments! We can help you select your final undergarments, considering your body type along with your gown selection.  We carry a nice assortment of shapers, seamless panties, cups, strapless bras, and bustiers that work well with our gowns and for most body types. Adhesive bras are available online and in many lingerie departments.

Extra tip: Keep the tags on until your decisions are final.

When you're prepared for your fittings, there is less bridal stress. Here are the key ingredients:

Before you meet with your fitter, narrow down your shoes and undergarments to 1 or 2 favorites. You’ll bring these to your initial consultation and to each of your fittings. And, they’ll help you envision your overall look as well as give your tailor a better idea of what needs to be done to your wedding dress. Do keep an open mind - your fitter may offer valuable suggestions that will streamline the fitting process and potentially save you time and money.

Do limit your guests to 1 or 2 trusted individuals. Opinions are valuable, feuding is not.

Bring your accessories to try on with your gown, but please be considerate of your fitters time...her primary goal is to fit your gown properly.

And always arrive well rested and properly nourished so that you’re feeling your best and are prepared to stand for the duration of your fitting.

Once your alterations specialist determines the appropriate hemline for your gown, it is preferable that your shoe height remain the same. If you've changed your shoes, please notify your alterations specialist immediately, if possible, the proper adjustments can be made.

If your new shoes are higher than your original shoe your gown may be too short.  If the new shoe is lower, your gown will likely need additional hemming or pattern alterations.

Check with your alerations specialist as additional fees may apply. 


We require that all our brides return to our San Francisco showroom for their pick up appointment as this is your first opportunity to try on your actual gown. Shipping your gown without doing so is not recommended.

If you wish to ship your gown after you've come in for your pick up appointment, we can ship your gown to any residential or business address within the United States. Your gown will be carefully packaged and fully insured using United Parcel Service. We will also include instructions on proper care for your wedding dress.

Additional fees apply for shipping and handling.


In the Fall of each year we present our new collection in New York to the media, our retail partners as well as new prospective retailers. Please check our store directory in November and December for new store listings.

Brides often travel to our San Francisco flagship salon to see our complete collection and to try on their favorite styles. We typically have everything in shop, but sometimes gowns are our of inventory or on a gown borrow. No matter, you won't find a more complete collection of pure Amy Kuschel anywhere else!

AND, while you're here, you can also shop our Ready To Wear selection. Ready To Wed gowns showcase our signature style and quality without the fuss of the traditional ordering process. This off-the-rack line-up features original designs, one-of-a-kind gowns, and current looks from the Amy Kuschel collection ranging from $1300-3000. It's au courant and ever-changing...if you find the one, she's READY TO WED!

We also encourage you to take a peek at our top-notch selection of sample sale gowns. Styles include runway samples, retired gowns, and some current collection pieces. These wedding dresses are in great condition and well priced from $600-1000.

You're welcome to purchase through our San Francisco showroom. You can also purchase your favorite gown from any salon carrying our collection, even if they don't have that particular style available in their boutique. Keep in mind that all of our retail partners require that the gown be purchased in person so that appropriate measurements can be taken.

We do not accept telephone or mail order requests.

Don't see a store in your area? Please email us if there is a shop that you think would be a good match for us.

Each of our retail partners selects their own assortment of Amy Kuschel gowns to showcase in their salon. When viewing our list of stores, take note of boutiques with "limited selection" as they will have fewer gowns represented. Before visiting a salon you can inquire as to which styles they have in their current assortment by calling the retailer directly.