TOGETHER...we're doing good things!
Our 2020 giving back report.
7 January, 2021 by
TOGETHER...we're doing good things!
Amy Kuschel Brugger

FIRST UP, YOU. We're so grateful you're part of our community. THANK YOU for "shopping your values" and supporting our small family business through the ups and downs of 2020. 

NEXT UP, YOU AGAIN. You helped us GIVE BACK to those in need:

When the pandemic hit, we were in the midst of a major rebrand from bridal to sustainable ready-to-wear. In no time at all, we became expert mask makers, donating N95 mask covers made from our in-stock fabrics. 

From the very start, you guys rallied with donations to the tune of $19,000! Together, we donated $39,000 of cloth masks to doctors, nurses, frontliners, and those in need.  

With your help, our Summer Dress Sale raised $1850 toward finding a cure for ALS. 

You Rocked the VOTE masks - raising over $2200 for Stacey Abrahm's FAIR FIGHT ACTION to ensure free and fair elections.

We also chipped in $166 to Direct Relief's California Wildfire fund. 

We ended the year with a $1331 donation for DIG DEEP, a human right's nonprofit serving millions of Americans without basic plumbing.

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU, our 2020 donations totaled over $44,575. (not bad for a small business - during a pandemic)

You were a ray of sunshine throughout 2020. Thank you.

As we embark on this brand new year, let's not forget what we can accomplish when we work together. NOW, more than EVER, our world needs us to unite with LOVE, COMPASSION, and UNDERSTANDING in our HEARTS. So we can HEAL ourselves, each other, and our beautiful planet. 

Please, my darlings, let's do this together.


Amy and team Brugger

TOGETHER...we're doing good things!
Amy Kuschel Brugger 7 January, 2021
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