Our Story

Amy Kuschel

Amy Kuschel graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan in 1989. She started her career as a professional designer working for a New York City based ready-to-wear company as their design director. After 6 years of designing in New York, Amy moved to San Francisco with her future husband, Bill Brugger.  She continued designing, creating high-end special occasion dresses for a bay area business. 

In 1996, Bill and Amy were engaged.  As a bride to be, Amy experienced the arduous task of trying to find the perfect wedding gown. She had straightforward needs  ~ she wanted to look elegant and modern without spending a fortune. What she inevitably discovered was that she could opt to spend a reasonable amount for something mediocre, or spend an outrageous amount for something fabulous. Neither alternative won her favor. As an experienced fashion designer, Amy chose to create her own wedding gown. A few years later, business plan in hand, Amy & Bill launched the Amy Kuschel collection.

The Designer

Classic Yet Contemporary

Amy designs her collection for the discriminating bride ... she's hip, clever, and charming.  She approaches life with confidence and is looking for a gown that is sophisticated and elegant, reflective of her own personality. 

Amy and her talented team pour their creative energies into each design to achieve a combination of modern elegance and sophistication.  Each piece is made by hand in our San Francisco design studio using luxurious fabrications, couture techniques, and quality workmanship.

The Amy Kuschel collection offers exquisitely designed classic yet contemporary gowns ranging in retail price from 1500 to 5000 dollars.  

A selection of veils, wraps, appliqued belts and sashes are also available.

The Perfect Gown

Lines That Flatter the Female Form

For Amy,  are of the utmost importance; she strives for a great cut - creating lines that flatter the female form. The collection is crafted with a combination of the finest fabrics and trims available ~ using luxuriously beaded French laces, custom embroideries, smooth satins & crisp taffetas. The final touches are in the details and trimmings; they must create a delicate balance between elegance & simplicity. In the end, each gown expresses Amy's conception of elegance and sophistication. "My designs come from an evolution of ideas that can be executed in many ways. I love the creative process, the excitement and challenge of trying to find the perfect harmony between silhouette and fabrication."

Silhouette and Fit

Committed to Excellence

Amy is inspired by many things: The Glamour of the past, current fashion influences, film and music, art, photography, travel - New York & Paris - everything that she loves. She strives to find the best possible combination of ingredients for each gown within her collection. Constantly building and always evolving. What is unique about Amy's collection lies within her passion for detail & silhouette. She wants her gowns and her brides to radiate grace - a strength of style & femininity. She also believes in offering value - without sacrifice - it is unique to find a gown that is well crafted using the finest fabrics and trims and also well priced. She is committed to offering excellence in all aspects of design and product.

Our Passion

A Family Business

Kuschel & Company was formed in April of 1999 as a partnership between Bill Brugger and Amy Kuschel, a husband and wife team. They are committed to excellence in all aspects of their company and its products. Through continuous self-improvement in ideas, in quality, and in customer satisfaction they provide superior design and quality products to their customers.

Bill has an extensive background in television and media. He serves as operations manager for Kuschel & Company. Amy is responsible for all aspects of design and marketing.

The Amy Kuschel Bride collection is designed and manufactured at their design studio located in the Union Square area of San Francisco, California. All of their products are produced in the San Francisco Bay Area and are sold exclusively in their design studio and to full service bridal retailers

The Team