Darling has retired and is no longer available.


by Amy Kuschel

50's Charm

dar·ling [dahr-ling] 1. A dearly beloved person. 2. One that is greatly liked or preferred; a favorite.

Honestly Darling,

You're so charming and playful!

You'll capture their affection with such classic beauty.

Your 50's sensibility is so dear.

So romantic, and classic...

Did I mention classic? With vintage appeal! 

It's all about true love with you, Darling.

You're the apple of one's eye.

I'm loving your delicate American made Primrose lace.

And a sheer upper bodice yoke, so CHARMING and even a bit coy.

You're such a flirt in that way!

Your A-line skirt is downright flattering with a playful swing, so much fun!

Trimmed with French Alencon lace...OH, I could go on and on.

But I'll stop here: American made with love in San Francisco.


P.S. Darling is also available in a strapless style...they call her Daffodil.

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