There are no stores in my area that carry the Amy Kuschel Bride collection. What are my options? What should I do?

In the Fall of each year we present our new collection in New York to the media, our retail partners as well as new prospective retailers. Please check our store directory in November and December for new store listings. Another option is to travel to a retailer in an area that you'd enjoy visiting again for your fittings. Brides often travel to our San Francisco salon to see our entire collection and select the gown that is most appealing. You can purchase your gown at our salon if you're available to return for fittings (at least 2 additional trips). You can also purchase your favorite gown from any salon carrying our collection, even if they don't have that particular style. Keep in mind that all of our retail partners require that the gown be purchased in person so that appropriate measurements can be taken. We do not accept telephone or mail order requests.